Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for free on nintendo switch?

There’s a captivating single-player campaign of sorts, with a sort of story to find and follow and a structured list of tasks to complete: The Journey. It also provides PVE, PVP, or a mixture of both on any of the hundreds of active public servers, both official and player-hosted. This works exceptionally well, even with moderate pings, though I guess I should expect that from Funcom. Add the Steam Workshop for mods and there’s a great replayablity here; I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’m a tad disappointed that the world is the same each game, even down to the placement of trees and rocks, but it’s beautiful and logically designed, which are aspects that are hard to get right otherwise. Given the choice between a desolate, nonsensical procedural world and the hand-crafted wonder that is the Exiled Lands, I’d definitely pick the latter. Still, I hope that there will be expansions set on another map or adventures across procedurally generated landscapes available in the future.

Pros and Cons

+ Top-notch presentation
+ Large, interesting game world
+ Great fun

– Not enough character customisation
– Limited crafting information provided
– Building can be tricky


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is in my top two survival games. The graphics are brilliant and I confess I find the nudity very appealing, but I wish there were more character variation. But the game itself offers so much and is so well made. The world is vast and interesting, crafting and building are excellent, if a little hard to use at first, and the dual nature of the game — very competent MMO and compelling single-player experience — Should you buy it? Yeah probably… but you can get it for free on nintendo switch here: How to get Hyrule Warriors for free!

If there’s anything about the game that interests you then I urge you to pick it up. There are a few niggles here and there, but whether you’re into solo or small-group play, or larger multi-player PVE or PVP competition, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is a truly wonderful game.

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free Review!

If you’ve got a friend that’s willing to play through this game with you in a atleast somewhat serious manner so that you can get properly immersed then this is a true gem. The story is quite gripping and I honestly felt that I wanted to rescue Timmy. Generally I can’t really immerse myself in games and also find it quite hard to connect to the protagonists but not here, his journey was my journey. Even though the game is still filled with bugs and at times clunky mechanics it still manages to score a 9/10 from me, easily. It has alot of potential to develop still.

I’m not sure if I could recommend this game if you’re planning on playing it alone, never tried, but if you’ve got a good mate to immerse yourself with on the nintendo switch, donkey kong is definitely worth a buy! But you can get it for free to by watching this video: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free
Characters are forgettable for the most part (Sheriff and The Father as exceptions perhaps)

Companions element is nice, it’s fun to fight with others rather than being a lone wolf the whole time.

There’s an odd element to this game where you get forcefully taken by one of the anatgonists and taken to their bunker. They have you in custody but every time you manage to escape unharmed. Doesn’t really make any sense, only to further the story and develop the antagonists.

Endings make you think (there are 2 and I believe one secret one,) however are not very satisfying and leaves you feeling empty.

Overall I’d recommend it, as I said it’s a very fun game, antagonists are well done, only beef I have with this game are the endings and the random kidnapping element.


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My Battletech Steam REVIEW!!!!!

Review at Patch: Launch Version
Hours Clocked: 11.5

For the uninitiated, BattleTech is a turn based strategy title set in the BattleTech Universe which revolves around the use of large war machines known as battlemechs. You run a mercenary company doing various missions for employers that range from simple seek and destroy, to protecting VIPs. Turns are determined by initiative, and you command MechWarriors around the map.

Sounds simple enough, but because each BattleMech can be configured on a myriad of ways, and range in size from a “small” 20 Ton Light Mech to a hulking 100 Ton Assault Mech. Add in MechWarrior skills, abilities, and terrain modifiers you suddenly have a fairly complex system. While no simple feat, a 20 Ton Mech can seriously threaten those much larger than it, so you’re not going to win by rushing an objective without some thought.

For those familiar with the franchise, you’re in for a treat. The lore, the customization, and gameplay from classic tabletop editions. As someone that has spent over 20 years playing various entries into the BattleTech franchise, from a strategy perspective I have not been this pleased since MechCommander.

If you are into turn based strategy games, I would recommend this purely off of that alone. If you are a skeptic BattleTech fan that did not want to buy into the hype, I recommend this title. If you’re not a fan having a little bit of RNG “under the hood” (though not necessarily XCOM levels of RNG) you may, or may not enjoy this title. There has been less than a handful of moments were I felt I was robbed of an evade or missing a “point blank shot”.

Overall, this comes as an easy recommendation. However if you do want to play it for free you can, I watched this video: battletech free download

The Good
  • Character customization was pretty detailed.
  • Story so far is well written, and actually feels like you’re a part of it.
  • The Campaign isn’t a set path, meaning you aren’t forced to advance the story faster than you want.


The Bad
  • The RNG on some shots can feel really bizarre. You’ll see it more with one laser not in in the same zip code as the enemy.
  • Sometimes the enemy can get insanely lucky, which can be frustrating, but I did not find it overly problematic.
  • While not necessarily a negative, it can be easy to fall behind with C-Bills and that might frustrate some.


The Ugly
  • Only happened once, but I had a mission that an objective to protect was one shot before I even had a turn.


System Specs
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K Processor @ 4.40GHz
  • CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
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Eczema Rash Arm – Treatments Eczema

But this can be very hard if your child suffers from eczema, which is a uncontrollable urge to itch. This can be very hard for both the parents and the child, so what can you do? Is there any eczema treatment for children that can cure this horrible disease?

Honey: Wash the affected area with warm water to clean it and open the pores. Rub honey over the affected area. When it soaks in rub on some more. Do this for about ten minutes. Rinse the honey off with cold water. Don’t worry; your skin won’t be sticky. Honey has great anti-infective properties, and over a short period of time your skin will become soft and smooth.

Your skin will come into contact when you are washing dishes, etc and wearing gloves is one of the home remedies for eczema you can apply. Wearing rubber gloves will shield the skin on your hands. Replace rubber gloves with cotton ones if you are allergic to latex. Also, put on gloves if you are heading outdoors in the cold weather.

Another very good eczema treatment for children is taking oatmeal baths. Oatmeal has an calming effect on the skin and lukewarm water should also be used, the only difference is that baths should be a bit longer. So add 2-3 cups of oatmeal to the bath, even the oatmeal found in supermarkets will do just fine.

If you have eczema, then it is best to use all natural remedies for eczema, including the foods you eat. Many eczema cases are due to food triggers. Processed foods are one of them. The way to counter this is to start adding natural and organic foods to your diet. You can also try a natural eczema cream to relieve the inflammation on the skin and reduce some of the redness. You may also want to start taking natural supplements that are known to confer benefits for the skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and fish oil.

Stress is often the cause of eczema and it is therefore important that you allocate a particular time of the day, just for relaxation. You can take up a hobby or listen to music, in order to release all the pent up stress inside you. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are also helpful stress busters’ help in treating eczema.

Make sure you do not wear perfumes and make sure your laundry soaps do not contain dyes or fragrances. In addition, if you use dryer sheets, be sure they are also fragrance free. Many times the natural treatment for eczema is just by going fragrance-free!

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