My Battletech Steam REVIEW!!!!!

Review at Patch: Launch Version
Hours Clocked: 11.5

For the uninitiated, BattleTech is a turn based strategy title set in the BattleTech Universe which revolves around the use of large war machines known as battlemechs. You run a mercenary company doing various missions for employers that range from simple seek and destroy, to protecting VIPs. Turns are determined by initiative, and you command MechWarriors around the map.

Sounds simple enough, but because each BattleMech can be configured on a myriad of ways, and range in size from a “small” 20 Ton Light Mech to a hulking 100 Ton Assault Mech. Add in MechWarrior skills, abilities, and terrain modifiers you suddenly have a fairly complex system. While no simple feat, a 20 Ton Mech can seriously threaten those much larger than it, so you’re not going to win by rushing an objective without some thought.

For those familiar with the franchise, you’re in for a treat. The lore, the customization, and gameplay from classic tabletop editions. As someone that has spent over 20 years playing various entries into the BattleTech franchise, from a strategy perspective I have not been this pleased since MechCommander.

If you are into turn based strategy games, I would recommend this purely off of that alone. If you are a skeptic BattleTech fan that did not want to buy into the hype, I recommend this title. If you’re not a fan having a little bit of RNG “under the hood” (though not necessarily XCOM levels of RNG) you may, or may not enjoy this title. There has been less than a handful of moments were I felt I was robbed of an evade or missing a “point blank shot”.

Overall, this comes as an easy recommendation. However if you do want to play it for free you can, I watched this video: battletech free download

The Good
  • Character customization was pretty detailed.
  • Story so far is well written, and actually feels like you’re a part of it.
  • The Campaign isn’t a set path, meaning you aren’t forced to advance the story faster than you want.


The Bad
  • The RNG on some shots can feel really bizarre. You’ll see it more with one laser not in in the same zip code as the enemy.
  • Sometimes the enemy can get insanely lucky, which can be frustrating, but I did not find it overly problematic.
  • While not necessarily a negative, it can be easy to fall behind with C-Bills and that might frustrate some.


The Ugly
  • Only happened once, but I had a mission that an objective to protect was one shot before I even had a turn.


System Specs
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K Processor @ 4.40GHz
  • CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
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