Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free Review!

If you’ve got a friend that’s willing to play through this game with you in a atleast somewhat serious manner so that you can get properly immersed then this is a true gem. The story is quite gripping and I honestly felt that I wanted to rescue Timmy. Generally I can’t really immerse myself in games and also find it quite hard to connect to the protagonists but not here, his journey was my journey. Even though the game is still filled with bugs and at times clunky mechanics it still manages to score a 9/10 from me, easily. It has alot of potential to develop still.

I’m not sure if I could recommend this game if you’re planning on playing it alone, never tried, but if you’ve got a good mate to immerse yourself with on the nintendo switch, donkey kong is definitely worth a buy! But you can get it for free to by watching this video: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free
Characters are forgettable for the most part (Sheriff and The Father as exceptions perhaps)

Companions element is nice, it’s fun to fight with others rather than being a lone wolf the whole time.

There’s an odd element to this game where you get forcefully taken by one of the anatgonists and taken to their bunker. They have you in custody but every time you manage to escape unharmed. Doesn’t really make any sense, only to further the story and develop the antagonists.

Endings make you think (there are 2 and I believe one secret one,) however are not very satisfying and leaves you feeling empty.

Overall I’d recommend it, as I said it’s a very fun game, antagonists are well done, only beef I have with this game are the endings and the random kidnapping element.


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